Our Team

Team Captains

Jaiten Holford

Aidan Wenger

Donovan Bair

Bay Blaschak

Our Team

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First Row - Katie Portko (Manager), Sam Pequignot, Kolby Portko, Jaiten Holford, CJ Wagner, Braiden Picciurro,

Aydan Digrugilliers, Braxton Gresczyk, Craig Roland


Middle Row - Anna Juba (Manager), Luke Micsky, Jackson Shea, Skyer Kaltrider, Patrick Wise, Hunter Hertzog,

Dylan Toner, Evan Chapman, Dylan Verdekal, Alonzo Cruz, Kayla Miller (Manager)


Top Row - Xavier Smith, Donovan Bair, Aidan Wenger, Aiden Sherman, Coach Ryan Stephenson,

Coach Brandon Rodriguez, Bailey Blaschak, Tommy Molsky, Owen Kitts, Brandon Honeycutt


Not Pictured - Dylan Rubacha, Coach Josh Lininger & Coach Ben Brubaker

Parent Meeting Notes

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